When we finally grow up.

the ascencsion process not stopped

One day we will all reach the level of awareness when we become convinced that there is no one “out there” with power over our life situations and circumstances. We all one day will learn to be quick to confront within ourselves the great temptation of falsely believing and attributing all inequalities to political corruption, social injustices, and economic competition.

“Waking up” will force us to accept the verdict of history ‘that new legislation, social reform, and more economic reorganization however good in and of themselves,’ will not be a remedy for inherited personality limitations and accidents from misaligned living. The desire for progress will require us to devote our attention to the comprehension of facts and wise manipulation within the laws of nature as the means to get us what we want and to avoid what we do not want.

“The political victory of your candidate, lower gas prices, better medical treatment for your sick one, or the reconnection with your beloved friend, or some other favorable event, raises your spirits, and you think good days are preparing for you. DO NOT BELIEVE IT. Nothing “out there” can bring you peace. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of knowing being and doing the Truth.

Sunday Enlightenment Seminars

photoI believe that the greatest danger to the world is ignorance.And even though we are living in the midst of a high age of information, many people are finding themselves overwhelmed with what to do with all the knowledge and how to apply it to their daily lives.

What is needed now more than ever are wise teachers who are gifted with the ability to synthesize large amounts of information and present it to others in ways that it can be used for daily living.

My latest initiative, The Sunday Schools of Philosophy and Enlightenment will be offering you an opportunity to enrich your learning through the following presentations:

10:00 am  “The Human Experience: A Course of Enlightenment” – Ryan Gill

12:00pm “Universal Laws & Metaphysical Studies
– Dr. Richelle Moore

2:00pm “The Egyptian School of the Neteru” –  Satakh Em Amunu Bey

4:00pm “The Jesus Path of Enlightenment” – Adam Melvin

6:00pm Featured Guest Lecture & Spiritual Readings

Place: The Little 5 Points Community Center 1083  Austin Ave Atlanta GA 30307

If your or someone you know is interested in being a presenter or teacher please feel free to contact me with your ideas or topic suggestions.