How To Read Christ In The Tarot Webinar

10Learning how to read the Tarot can be an extremely helpful practice to enhance your Faith and Worship.

I am asked all the time how does  Christianity and the Tarot mix, and I have researched and gathered a large amount of information that show the interconnection of both.

In this 4 week long series you will not only learn how to read the Tarot Using the Christ Formula, but also how to deepen your connection with Spirit.

Because this class is highly interactive I am only taking registration from 12 participants so space is limited.  Classes will be held weekly on Monday beginning on March 9th at 7:30pm.

Each class costs $57.00 each to register and Participants will learn:

  • How to read and Interpret each Tarot Card Intuitively.
  • The Role of Christ In Each Card.
  • How to listen to the Holy Spirit of Christ speak through the Tarot.
  • How to discern between Higher Wisdom and Lower Wisdom.

Also all participants will receive a One on One 20 min Coaching session where I can coach you through a reading (Your own or Another) and a private Facebook Group for ongoing community support

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(For this class we will be using the The Rider Tarot Deck.)


Heart-break Will Break out the Lover in You.

Just because you fall in lower case -l-ove with another does not mean you have to ‘be with them’. But it does mean you are going to have to learn how to capital -L-ove them.

Real Love is giving space to someone to be as they are without needing anything back from them in return. 

I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26

I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26

Real love is being 100% for another’s happiness and joy even if their joy and happiness doesn’t include ‘being with you‘.

Real -L-ove is a totally non human attribute and is purely spiritual and comes from the Divine.

Lower case -l-ove is a chemical-magnetic attraction and attachment that happens when you meet a twin flame.

It is a powerful enough physiological experience that can cause us to extend great effort to think more about another than of ourselves and that’s why it is part of the human experience. The human species would not have survived without this function. For most humans this attraction-attachment is the only way that they will ever consider another over themselves but yet still it is not real -L-ove.

But once an attraction-attachment happens to you, you are going to have to learn how to ‘Love the one you love‘. This is especially the case in situations that prevent the two of you from ‘being together’ or when the attraction-attachment is not reciprocal and heart-break happens.

One of the most powerful songs ever written that embodies being in this space of real love towards another and not wanting or needing them to be anything other than what they are as they are is Dolly Parton’s “I will always love you” sung by Whitney Houston.

The song is a perfect illustration of what’s required in really Loving someone by giving them the space to be and seeing the reality of a situation for what it is and not what you think it should be.

Is Your Religion Working For You?

A person’s religion can help make them into a master or a disaster.  The honest answers to these 7 questions reveal the true value of your religious faith and experiences:

1. Are you enjoying better and more complete physical health?

True Self Mastery begins with taking responsibility for your only true “Real Estate”, The Body. You may have many big hopes and visions of what you want to accomplish and experience in life but if the body ‘ain’t able’ then there will be very little you’ll be able to actually be, do and experience.

2. Is your thinking becoming more efficient and practical?

Life is about making choices and intelligent decisions. As we get older our choices and decisions should reflect the wisdom we have acquired throughout our previous experiences. True Religion encourages a wise and practical mental life.

3. Are you able to fully and joyfully  share your religious experience in a community with others?

No man is an island. As humans beings we are designed for connection and community. Whatever inspiration or moving experience you experience, you should be able to share them in a way with others that they also can share in you joy.

4. Are you able to more perfectly carry out the commonplace duties of routine mortal existence.

Life is hard. The Realities of living on earth can be difficult but when one has a true religious faith, that faith can sustain and motivate them to live enthusiastically even in the face of the most trivial and mundane experiences.

5. Has your love for, and appreciation of, truth, beauty, and progress been enhanced?

A true religious faith gives one the ability to appreciate truth, to appreciate truth is to appreciate what is reality, this leads to the appreciation and recognition of beauty which then leads to the respect and appreciation for those things that progress truth and beauty.

6. Are you able to uphold the current recognized social, moral, ethical values or are you stuck in another age?

With every age and generation the moral and ethical values change.  True Religious faith doesn’t resist cooperating with the standard social values and practices but learns how to adapt by remaining attached to the highest ethical value, which is love others as yourself.

7. Is your cosmic insight or God-consciousness increasing?

When one has True Religious Faith, their spiritual eyes are opened and their view of life and of themselves and of others begin to take on a whole new perception. Year by year life becomes less about them and more about a greater awareness and unity that transcends ones immediate nation or tribe, or even their world but includes the unity of the cosmos.

We should always be asking ourselves these questions in regards to whatever religious experiences we have, and never stop examining and testing the things we believe in. Our lives and actions always reveal what is true, good, and of progress.  Know Thy Self.

My Life Timeline:

pastorfamilypastorfamilyjoy to the world pic piedmont park1975: My parents get married.


pastorfamilypastorfamily1977: My Dad to be has a Born Again experience which sets foundation the home environment I’ll be born into. He is graced with the “gift of prophesying and healing through the laying on of hands”.

1980: My Mom Gives birth to me. (So I’ve been told) ;-)

1984:My Dad begins Pastoring his first church and I become a Preacher’s Kid. HeMan is Everything to me.

1985: I start elementary school  disillusioned it’s not as awesome as my sister proclaimed. Contrary to my high expectations derived from her stories, I did not learn how to read or write on the first day.


1989: Back To The Future Two and Ninja Turtles is everything to me.

1992: I realize I absolutely hate going to school.


1994: I start High School and Puberty. Interpersonal Relationships become awkward.  I read Romeo & Juliette.  My “everyday love obsession” with automotive design starts.

1997: I’m awakened to personal development through Stephen Covey’s youth version of  ”The 7 habits  of highly effective of people”.

1998: I want to be Sean Puffy Combs. I graduate from High School and leave home to begin college at NC State University in Raleigh NC.

2000: I become very sad about “not having” things. Then I have a Spiritual Transcendent Experience: I feel, think, and see everything different. I’m “Born Again”. My gift of prophecy is activated.

2002: I read Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing God” & Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life and decide to join Campus Crusade For Christ’s Impact Movement.

 My first Trip to South Africa as a “evangelical christian missionary“. I am mesmerized by this trip. I read Dwight Edward’s “revolution within” .

2004: I become unsure about institutional religion and decide to leave full time ministry.I stumble upon the Nag Hammadi Library and I begin to expand my understanding of Jesus & Christianity. I also start studying Dr. Muata Ashby’s work. Later in the year I read the “science of getting Rich” and begin a desire to know all about The Law of Attraction.



2005: I am Introduced to the Egdar Cayce material and the theory of Reincarnation and Christ Consciousness and begin to become more “New Age” in my thinking and theology. I also begin to experience something like Heart Break and frustration about the lack of romance in my life.

I watch The Secret DVD and becomes inspired to Teach the Law of Attraction. I make a return trip to South Africa.


2007:  Introduced to the work of David Wilcock.  Evolves  further into The New Age Thought and learns about the 2012 shift and how to develop my inherited prophetic abilities.

2008: I relocate from Raleigh NC to ATL GA. Feeling called by gift of prophecy and my studies of Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock I purchases a deck of tarot cards and begin to teach myself how to read the Tarot.

2009:  I become a huge 2012′er. I relocate back to Raleigh N.C. to begin work on my Masters Degree in History At NC Central University.

2010: I have my first past life regression. I stop working on my Masters.  I return to Atlanta Ga. Begin work at LIFE University where I am allowed to offer to give Tarot Readings to my Co-workers. They Are Impressed.


2011: I Quit Working at Life U. and begin working on my Masters of Divinity at Mercer  University’s  School of Theology. I Receive my first psychic reading. It’s very encouraging. I want to help encourage others in the same manner. Not so frustrated with the lack of romance. No more experience heartbreak like emotions.
2012: I join a psychic development group and drastically improve my natural psychic ability. Anxiously waiting for 12/21/12. I Begin the negative reaping of financial hardship due to not having a solid flow of income the past 6 years.

adam and tarot cards2013: Ready to enter into the “New Age” of living. Begins full time work as a psychic adviser at the underground mall in Atlanta.  Become introduced to a whole new group of people and places in Atlanta.

2014: Experiences a drastic increase in the demand for my psychic readings and my work as a Psychic Adviser. I launch my ministry to help others in their faith development.
2015: T.B.D

The 4 Kinds of “Intimate Partnerships” or “Soul Mates”:

soulmates211. Twin Flame:  A Twin Flame is anyone who has the ability to activate the monogamous mating instinct that in turns creates in you a magnetic attraction, and a warmheartedness affection towards another of an opposite polarity.  These Twin Flame Associations produce a natural yearning to experience all the qualities associated with an ideal Earth Mate Union. However, even though there may be a strong magnetic pull towards a Twin Flame, it may not be reciprocal. The average human has thousands of twin flame possibilities on the earth. These are most often confused as ‘The One’ True Soul Mate.

2. Earth Mate: This is another human vowed to witness your life on earth, a complimentary polar opposite partner in your service work to humanity or earth, and a companion equally committed to your good pleasure as you are theirs. Earth mates may or may not include consummation or marriage.

3. Parent Partnerships:  These are people who have chosen or the circumstances of life has chosen for them to cooperatively share in the High Responsibility and dedication of Child Rearing as a result of the random producing of an offspring through an act of sex. These partnerships may or may not be  with someone who is your twin flame or your earth mate, but they will require some level of intimacy at least during the duration of child rearing.

4.’The One’ True Soul Mate:  The soul’s true mate is not a human or existing in the realm of time it is nevertheless very real, personable, and accessible on a soul level hence why it is our ‘soul’s mate’ not human mate. The essence of our soul is spiritual and thus the true mate of our soul is our eternal non-human spiritual counterpart. Some call it our Higher Self, or simply God.  It is ‘The One’ whom we are seeking to be one with for eternity.

The Top 5 ‘Epiphanic’ Movies of 2014

Epiphanic: something that triggers a moment of sudden revelation or insight.

#5. Interstellar:

This sci-fi space oddysessy is actually jammed packed with illustrations of the power of love, the illusion of time, and unforeseen consequences of ego.

#4. The Fault in Our Stars

This story about two terminally ill youth will be sure to awaken new Insights about pain, courage, and facing the realities of living on Earth.

#3. Boyhood:

After watching this living film (it was shot over 12 years) you will have absorbed the sentiments of the saying “For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.”

#2. Edge of Tomorrow:

Though this movie is full of unexpected humor it is is also a heck of a powerful illustration of repeating life lessons and learning how to recognize the cycles and seasons of life so you can survive and advance.

#1. Lucy:

This is one of modern society’s most perfect illustration of consciousness evolution and enlightenment. Minus the violence this is beautiful picture about the science of evolution and a wonderfully executed parable that shows how primitive humanity still is. And this also illustrates to how our bodies most likely respond and adapt when we raise our vibration.

Judgement Day is Coming . .

JudgementOne of my favorite Tarot Cards is the “Judgement’ Card.

Most Religions speak of a “Judgement Day” as a future event after you have died where you will be judged for all your actions.

But the type of ” Judgment” that this card represents does not come after a physical death, but represents a day in your life when the truth of your choices are revealed, when the time to reap what you have sown arrives.

It is the “Last Day” of your not knowing the reality of a situation.  It is the moment when you learn that you did purchase the wrong car, chose the wrong mate, or that you  did make the right choice, or chose the right person, or it could be that day when you say “My Mom was right, I should not have come to this place”.

Some people fear Judgment Days, but I look forward to them, because life is about learning, and there is no better opportunity to learn about life than on a “Judgement Day”.  Learning brings about awareness and awareness leads to transformation.

Whenever this card appears in a reading, it is usually an indication that the true motives and intentions of yourself or another are about to be revealed.

Therefore live life authentically, choose the higher choice, and when this “day of reckoning” comes for you, “cause its gonna come” embrace it, learn from it and get back in the game more wiser and more aware than you were before.

47 Years Ago This Movie Prophecied Obama as President!

Socrates said in regards to writers and poets, “that it was not wisdom that enabled them to write, but a kind of instinct or inspiration such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean.”

This wisdom from Socrates could surely be applied to many screen writers and novelist of today who’s works overtime have proven to be glimpses of the future or revelations of issues today.

comingtodinnerConsider the 1967 movie “Guess who’s coming to dinner”

This movie is about a young white American female who while living in Hawaii  falls in love and becomes engaged to a young black man who will soon return to African to continue some innovative work he begun there before coming to The University of Hawaii.

Doesn’t this story sound very familiar to the story told by the 44th president of the USA Barack Obama about the courtship of his parents that resulted in marriage and his birth in 1961.

Did the writers of ”Guess who’s coming to Dinner” script this movie based on Obamas’s parents or is it just a huge coincidence?

The parallels between the young couple of the movie and Obama parents are striking. Even the look of the actors, Sidney Poitier and  Katharine Houghton who played the interracial couple look very similar to Obama Parents.

In the movie the couple met at the University of Hawaii where the young black man was working . In real life, Obama Parents also met at the University of Hawaii.

In the film, the young lady was from the San Francisco Bay area in California, Barack Obama’s mother before moving to Kansas was also raised in the San Francisco Bay Area while her father went to school at Berkeley.

obaba parentsThe movie portrayed the young white lady as a liberal thinker who was taught by her parents to be open minded and a free thinker.  This same personality that was portrayed by the young lady in the movie has often been the way many have given account of the personality of Obama’s mother Ann Dunham.

In the movie the young black man was portrayed as an ambitions intellectual who was planning to return to Africa to launch innovative programs that could improve health. Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr. did return to Africa where his innovative ideas brought him into direct conflict with the then president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta.

If those parallels don’t convince you this was a movie prophesizing that Obama would become president, watch this following scene from the movie in which the young lady’s father is questioning his future son in-law about their  future children.

Now do you think its too presumptuous to say the 44th President of the USA is the fuFILMent of “Guess who’s coming to dinner”??

It makes you wonder just how many other movies have contained prophetic utterances that have already been fulfilled in our current realities and social situations.

Lets just hope and pray all the Alien and Apocalyptic Films are written by False Prophets who prophesy to us “false visions and delusions of their own minds” 

Enjoy your summer movie going experience!


Life Gets Easy When . . .

The StarAlthough life on earth can be very demanding, its gets a lot less depressing and easier to manage  once you ‘actualize’ that you don’t exist primarily for yourself.

This is the reason why the unselfish live such happy and contented lives. They have surrendered to that idea that life is better in service to others and have discovered the joy and power that comes from seeking to serve first.

They are driven by the idea of making others feel glad to be alive and on the earth – this is the gift that keeps on giving and returns back to the source fen fold.

It is true unselfish people are hard to find, but not because they don’t exist but because selfishness can only recognize other selfishness and its deep rooted sense of entitlement keeps it forever blind to the selfless acts bestowed by the unselfish.

And yet while your  life may exist primarily for the sake of others, take caution because, ‘You just ain’t for everybody’, but blessed is the one who is where he is wanted, needed, and respected and may God have mercy on you if you have not yet found yourself in such a place!