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Who Am I?

Or a better question… How can I serve you?IMG_0845

Every choice and decision you make is transforming you into some kind of person. At every moment of your life you are either becoming the best version of yourself or some negative distortion of that version.  

As a Spiritual Adviser and Intuitive Reader I want to help you make choices and decisions from a place of awareness and balance rather than being blinded by energies and influences you’re not aware of.

By receiving an intutive aura reading you learn in what area of your life is your faith blocked and discover how it’s adversely affecting you in ways you may not be fully aware of. 

At other times my readings help to uncover and name any emotional negativity stuck in your your personal energy field or aura that’s attracting situations that leave you drained or in a state of depression.

Other services I like to offer is co-creating with you powerful ‘askformations’ that activate positivity and repel negative thinking and people.

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Email: addamfromadam@gmail.com

Mobile Office Phone: 919-244-3985

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